Fiberglass repairs can be completed successfully once a few key principles are understood. Successful fiberglass repairs will extend the life of your part or mold and save you the cost of replacing the composite part completely. Consider these main principles of fiberglass repair:

  • Initial fabrication of components results in both chemical and physical bonding, whereas repairs only consist of physical bonds.
  • Matching the thickness, density, and ply orientation of the original laminate when possible will result in an overall stronger repair.
  • Increasing the overall surface area of our fiberglass repair will create a stronger finished product.
  • Taper or scarf sanding is the most common method employed to increase surface area.

For an in-depth description of fiberglass repair, please see The Ultimate Fiberglass Repair Guide article in our Learning Center. Shop our most popular selection of fiberglass fabrics, tapes, resins, hardeners, and fairing and filling compounds below!

  • Corrosion-Resistant Vinyl Ester Resin

    Corrosion Resistant and Blended for Toughness
    4.8 star rating
    Our #1110 Vinyl Ester resin is formulated for maximum corrosion resistance to most fuels, vapors, and both acidic...
  • System 1000 Laminating Epoxy Resin

    Tough Epoxy for Quick Repairs and Fabrication
    5 star rating
    • System 1000 Epoxy resin is an easy to use epoxy system with two hardeners providing different working times...
  • Lightweight Polyester Cosmetic Filler

    High Quality No-Shrink Surface Filler
    5 star rating
    Lightweight Polyester Cosmetic Filler is a versatile, creamy paste designed to fill, seal, repair, and finish...
  • Polyester Fairing Compound

    Durable and Highly Adhesive with Low Shrinkage
    5 star rating
    Polyester Fairing Compound is a fibrous filler for structural repairs, bonding, and part fabrication. This...
  • Marine Epoxy Fairing Compound

    Repair and Smooth Nearly Any Surface
    4.5 star rating
    #4118 Marine Epoxy Fairing Compound is a smooth, creamy paste system for fairing surface imperfections on...
  • Duratec® Clear Hi-Gloss Gel Coat Additive

    Improve Gloss and Get an Open-Air Cure
    4.8 star rating
    Duratec® Clear High Gloss Additive can be blended with numerous gel coats to create a glossy, smooth finished...
  • Styrene Wax

    Get a Complete Cure for Polyester Resins
    4.5 star rating
    Add Styrene Wax to non-waxed polyester resin and gel coat to prevent the prolonged tackiness associated with thin...
  • Gel Coat Thickness Gauge

    Simple, Precise Measure for Gel Coat Thickness
    5 star rating
    Our gel coat thickness gauge is the perfect tool for measuring wet mil thickness as you apply your gel coat. It...
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