Prepreg is the common term for fabric reinforcement that has been pre-impregnated with a resin system. The resin system is typically an epoxy and already includes the proper curing agent. As a result, it's ready to lay into a mold without the addition of resin or the steps required of a typical hand lay-up.

Carbon fiber prepregs are made of high-strength, lightweight carbon fiber materials that are infused with a resin matrix. They are known for their high strength-to-weight ratio and are often used in the construction of lightweight, high-performance structures such as aircraft, racecars, and sporting goods.

Fiberglass prepregs are less expensive and less stiff than carbon fiber prepregs, but still offer good strength-to-weight ratio and are often used in the construction of a wide variety of products such as boats, recreational vehicles, and wind turbine blades.

Our room temperature carbon fiber and fiberglass prepregs offer a few specific advantages:

  • Near-perfect epoxy resin content, maximizing strength properties for the reinforcement
  • Excellent surface finish, engineered to be less porous at the surface
  • Room temperature storage, making them easier to keep and handle, without the need to thaw required of frozen prepreg options.

UV prepregs are offered in Vinyl Ester and non hazardous Epoxy. These prepregs are formulated to cure with UV light indoors or direct sunlight within minutes.

  • Very long work time as long as UV barrier remains in place - this will not cure without UV
  • Rapid cure under UV- patches are ready to paint in less than 10 minutes
  • Cure independent of temperature- suitable for applications from -20°F to 120°F

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Why choose prepregs over standard fabric reinforcement and the wet lay-up process?

  • Improved cosmetics -- No accidental drips of resin or dry spots to compromise appearance or performance.
  • Repeatable, uniform parts -- Consistent resin content means prepreg parts that come out of a mold can, in theory, be identical.
  • Improved efficiency in the process -- Prepregs translate to savings on wasted product, supplies, and time spent on wet lay-up and clean-up.
  • Reduced cure time -- After the necessary heating cycle for cure is complete, prepreg parts are ready for service without additional waiting time.

Fibre Glast is committed to ensuring that every roll of prepreg we handle is First Quality and manufactured to the highest standards. That means you can expect the same properties and handling characteristics every time you order. Visit the Learning Center and read the white paper, What are Prepregs?, to learn more.

You can place your order right here on our website or, if you have any questions, call 1.800.838.8984 | 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST Mon-Fri.

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