Vacuum fittings, tubing, and connectors are an essential part of any vacuum bagging or resin infusion system. They are used to create an air-tight connection between your part and the vacuum source. Without connections that are leak-proof, neither vacuum bagging nor infusion will work successfully.

At, you'll find a complete selection of industrial-grade supplies that are necessary to make these connections, including hose assemblies and tubing. All are designed to be durable and work interchangeably for your convenience. Click on a product image below to get more information and view pricing.

Click on a product image below to get more information and view pricing.

  • Vacuum Bagging Starter Kit

    All You Need is an Air Source!
    5 star rating
    Vacuum bagging is a great method for building a better composite part—let Fibre Glast help you get started....
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  • Air Hose Assemblies

    Spend Time on your Part – Not on your Set-Up
    Our industrial quality air hoses have been pre-fitted with 1 ⁄ 4 " quick disconnect fittings... 
  • Small Regulator / Filter

    Control Air Pressure and Keep Moisture Out
    This compact Regulator/Filter is designed to filter your air and keep debris and liquids from getting inside your...
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  • Thru-Bag Vacuum Connector

    Versatility for the Professional Fabricator
    3 star rating
    Thru-bag Vacuum connectors are critical for successful vacuum bagging operations. These durable, reusable devices...
  • Quick Disconnect & Nipples

    Small Fittings that Make a Big Difference
    Take the headache out of composite set-ups that require an air source! Quick Disconnect fittings make the entire...
  • Vacuum Gauge with T-Fitting

    Monitor Vacuum Anywhere along Vacuum Line
    5 star rating
    Measure vacuum close to the pump, right at the part, or anywhere in your line. T-Fitting features a barbed...
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  • Vacuum Gauge

    Accurate and Easy to Read
    Measure and control the vacuum pressure of your vacuum bagging applications. Our #896 features a 2"- wide acrylic...
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  • Vacuum Tubing

    Dependable Choice for Vacuum Bag and Infusion
    Strong enough to resist collapse under pressure in the vacuum cycle, this vinyl tubing is the smart choice for your...
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All the items in the Vacuum Fittings category help to make a solid, air-tight connection between your part and the pressure source.

  • Some, like hose assemblies and tubing, are necessary elements to making these systems work.
  • Other fittings and items contribute to the overall effectiveness of the bagging process and generally make projects work more smoothly. These include vacuum gauges and connectors, regulators, and bleed-off valves. You'll find a variety of shapes and sizes that are designed to make the process more efficient, even for more complex systems.

All of the fittings at are compatible with the pumps and vacuum generators available on our site.

If you're unsure as to which fittings you might require, visit our Learning Center and read the white paper, Vacuum Bagging Equipment & Techniques to learn more. You can also view a helpful vacuum bagging diagram on our blog post, Basic Vacuum Bagging Set-Up.

You can place your order on our website or, if you have any questions, call 1.800.838.8984 | 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST Mon-Fri.

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