Vacuum Infusion, also called resin infusion, is a fabrication technique that uses vacuum pressure to drive resin into a laminate. Dry materials are laid into the mold and the vacuum pressure is applied before resin is introduced. Once a complete vacuum is achieved, resin is forced into the laminate via vacuum tubing and a vacuum pump or generator. The vacuum infusion process offers a better fiber-to-resin ratio than hand lay-up or vacuum bagging.

Resin infusion is often used to manufacture composite parts because it allows for the production of high-quality, lightweight, and strong parts with a minimal amount of waste. It is also a cost-effective method for producing large quantities of parts, as the process is easily repeatable and more consistent than other methods of fabrication.

Fibre Glast offers all the equipment, materials, and supplies needed for successful completion of your vacuum infusion project. For more information on the Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP), please see our learning center article Vacuum Infusion Guide.

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Vacuum infusion, or resin infusion, has a unique set-up within the vacuum bag. As noted, layers of fabric are secured without the presence of resin. Once infusion begins, resin enters the laminate at a given point and requires flow media to deliver it across the surface of the laminate.

Flow media is placed either between the reinforcement and the bag, or in between layers of reinforcement. In fact, in some cases, flow media becomes part of your laminate. At, we carry flow media in a variety of formats:

  • EnkaFusion® Nylon Flow Media offers the fastest flow rates in the category. It features randomly oriented nylon filaments.
  • Green HDPE and Red LDPE are both nylon mesh fabrics that deliver a more controlled resin flow.
  • Divinymat is a DIAB Divinycell H foam designed to be both a flow media and a sandwich core. The sheet of foam is scored and bound with a light scrim backing.
  • Lantor Soric® is the most conformable of flow media in our selection. It's available in both 2 mm and 3 mm thicknesses.
  • EnkaFusion® Filter Jacket is a nylon mat encased within a nonwoven sock. It can be used for longer or wider applications, and is never meant to be part of the finished composite.

All of the flow media at are compatible with all the resins on our website, including epoxy, vinyl ester, and polyester.

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