Vacuum bagging tools are important for setting up and monitoring your vacuum bagging system. From air detection to basic cutting implements, each adds a degree of convenience and efficiency to any project that eventually to time, material, and cost savings.

Learn more by reading our white paper, Vacuum Bagging Equipment & Techniques; or by taking a look at our helpful vacuum bagging diagram on the Fibre Glast Blog - Basic Vacuum Bagging Set-Up.

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  • Resin Traps with 1/2 Inch Fitting

    Capture Excess Resin and Protect your Pump
    Protect your equipment! These vacuum-sealed tanks are installed in the vacuum bagging process between the mold and...
  • Hose Cutters

    Easy-View Window Permits Clean, Accurate Cuts
    Hose Cutters make it quick and easy to create custom-length tubing for each new vacuum bagging or resin infusion...
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  • Stethoscope

    Target Air Leaks in Vacuum Bag Lay-Ups
    This Stethoscope is an inexpensive, reliable instrument that can help create air-tight vacuum bagging set-ups...
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  • Flow Regulator

    Easy Crimp to Control Resin Flow
    Clamping off tubing to begin and end resin flow is a critical step in the resin infusion process—and the Flow...
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  • Plumbers Tape

    Leak-Proof your Vacuum Joints
    Keep connections air-tight. Plumbers Tape should be wrapped around the threaded end of all brass fittings within...
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  • Hose Clamps

    Secure Tubing and Prevent Leaks
    These clamps are designed to secure vacuum or resin tubing for leak-proof connections. With continuous band...
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  • Create an air-tight set-up--Both the Ultrasonic Leak Detector and the Stethoscope help you to quickly identify problematic leaks in your lay-up.
  • Build in convenience--Hose Cutters keep cuts clean, quick, and safe; slide-on, easy-clamp Flow Regulator controls resin in just seconds.
  • Protect your materials--Tools like the Resin Trap and Thermal Gun help you monitor resin so you protect other tools in the shop and prevent waste.

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