Traditional cutting tools are generally not effective in finishing composite laminates. They not only can chip or melt the laminate but they often result in rough, unclean edges. Also, because composites do not typically transfer heat, the life of traditional tools is very short when used with composites. Perma-Grit tools are tungsten carbide grit abrasive tools that are renowned for their longevity and their ability to work with composite materials. Whether you are finishing a fiberglass, carbon or Kevlar® laminate, Perma-Grit tools will offer a clean edge and a smooth surface.

  • Perma-Grit Rotary Attachments

    Cut and Shape Laminates with Handheld Rotary
    5 star rating
    Made from tough tungsten carbide, Perma-Grit ® Rotary Attachments are designed to cut and shape your co... 
  • Perma-Grit Jigsaw Blades

    Best Solution to Cut Finished Composites
    2 star rating
    Perma-Grit ® Jigsaw Blades are perfect for making large cuts or for cutting along flat sheets of lamina... 
  • Perma-Grit Sanding Blocks

    Smooth Edges for Finished Composites
    5 star rating
    Perma-Grit ® Sanding Blocks feature a unique tungsten carbide grit that outlasts traditional sandpaper ... 
  • Perma-Grit Coarse Hand Tools

    Shape, Cut, and Clean-up Edges for Laminates
    Perma-Grit ® Coarse Hand Tools feature tough tungsten carbide grit welded to steel planks. As a result,... 
  • Perma-Grit Fine Hand Tools

    Give a Hand-Finished Touch to Laminate Parts
    5 star rating
    Perma-Grit ® Fine Hand Tools are ideal for precise shaping and finishing of the highest quality composi... 
  • Solid Carbide Fiberglass Burr Bit for Routers

    Strong Enough to Drill Tough Laminate Parts
    Customize your finished laminate part. This solid carbide router bit is strong enough to easily make windows,...
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Rotary tools are among the most popular for cutting composites and several Perma-Grit tools are meant to fit Dremel or other rotary tools. We offer the most powerful Dremel cordless tool and and all of the accessories needed to cut and finish your laminate edges. We also offer Perma-Grit jig saw blades so that you can get the most out of your jig saw while making fast straight or curved cuts on flat laminates.

Our Perma-Grit Sanding Blocks and Hand Tools will become indispensable in your workshop, particularly if you want to quickly and easily finish and shape the edges of your laminates. The coarse grit will make quick work of any uneven or rough edges, and the fine grit allows you to make the highest quality parts.

We offer all of the products you need, no matter the scope of your project. If you would like to learn more about laminate cutting and finishing, check out our Learning Center Article - Composite Laminate Cutting.

You can place your order on our website or, if you have any questions, call 1.800.838.8984 | 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST Mon-Fri.

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