Fibre Glast Developments offers a wide selection of resins and coatings for composite laminates such as polyester, vinyl ester, and epoxy resins, gel coats, urethane casting resins, single stage paints, fillers, pigments, fairing & filling compounds, and much more. Selecting the appropriate resin or coating for your composite part is extremely important as it holds your part together or becomes the finished surface. Resins, for example, help transfer mechanical loads from the fibers of the reinforcement fabric to the entire composite part. Whereas polyester gel coat is the most common surface coating used in the fabrication and repair of fiberglass parts.

Below you'll find a selection of resins and coatings. These products are all First Quality Guaranteed so you can work with confidence.

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  • UV Non Styrenated Resin

    UV cured Non Styrenated Resin
    UV cured Non Styrenated Resin is an ultra clear non-hazmat acrylate modified Epoxy Resin that is light curable and...
  • Low Emissions Neutral Gel Coat

    Superior Color Quality in a Low Emissions Formula
    #685 Low Emissions Neutral Gel Coat is a high performance, premium quality ISO gel coat formulated specifically for...
  • Low Emissions White Gel Coat

    Durable, Long Lasting Low Emissions Gel Coat
    #683 White Gel Coat is a highly durable Low-Emissions ISO gel coat and is the industry production standard for...

Polyester Resins: Polyester resins are widely used in composites due to their affordability, ease of use, and good mechanical properties. They are typically combined with a catalyst (such as MEKP) to initiate the curing process. Polyester resins offer good corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and dimensional stability. They are commonly used in applications such as boat building, automotive parts, and general-purpose composites.

Vinyl Ester Resins: Vinyl ester resins are a type of hybrid resin that combines the benefits of polyester and epoxy resins. They have enhanced chemical resistance compared to polyester resins, making them suitable for applications exposed to harsh chemicals or corrosive environments. Vinyl ester resins offer improved strength and toughness, as well as excellent resistance to water absorption. They are commonly used in marine, automotive, and chemical storage applications.

Epoxy Resins: Epoxy resins are known for their excellent mechanical properties, high strength, and superior adhesion. They have a low shrinkage during curing and provide good chemical resistance. Epoxy resins offer high temperature resistance and dimensional stability, making them suitable for aerospace, automotive, and high-performance applications. They are typically cured with a hardener or curing agent, and the curing process can be controlled to achieve different properties.

Gel Coats: Gel coats are specialized coatings applied to the surface of composites to provide a smooth, glossy, and protective finish. They are typically pigmented and contain additives to enhance UV resistance, weatherability, and surface hardness. Gel coats improve the aesthetics of composites, provide resistance to environmental factors, and protect the underlying laminate from damage. They are commonly used in marine and other tough environment conditions.

Urethane Casting Resins: Urethane casting resins are versatile materials used for creating prototypes, models, and functional parts. They are often two-component systems that require mixing a resin with a hardener to initiate the curing process. Urethane casting resins offer excellent detail reproduction, good impact resistance, and can simulate a wide range of mechanical properties. They are used in various industries, including prototyping, art and sculpture, and industrial applications.

Single Stage Paints for Composites: Our ChromaGlast single stage paints are a type of paint system that combines the basecoat and clearcoat into a single layer. They provide a simple and efficient painting process, eliminating the need for a separate clearcoat application. Single stage paints for composites offer good durability, gloss retention, and UV resistance. They are commonly used in automotive refinishing, and above water marine applications where a quick, durable, and cost-effective paint application is desired.

It is important to note that the selection of the appropriate resin, gel coat, casting resin, or paint system depends on the specific requirements of the application, including mechanical properties, chemical resistance, UV resistance, aesthetics, and processing considerations.

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