Fabric Racks and Work Stations are a great addition to any composites workshop:

  • Get organized—With proper storage, you'll keep fabrics in First Quality condition, protect the working condition of tools and other supplies, and alleviate headache!
  • Build efficiency into operation—Fabric Racks and Work Stations keep materials at-the-ready, saving valuable time.
  • Make fabrication easier—Racks and Work Stations put materials at working heights, so working conditions are more comfortable and convenient.

Browse the products below to find a rack or workstation that is right for your work area.

Six Roll Fabric Rack

Stable and Convenient Storage for Multiple Fabrics

Four Roll Fabric Rack

Perfect for Vertical Spaces

Three Roll Fabric Rack

Convenient for the Fabricator Workshop

Complete Composite Workcenter

Keep Materials Organized, Clean and Accessible

Cutting Station

A Must-Have for the Busy Composites Workshop

Fabric Rack Casters (Set of 4)

Put your Fabric Rack on Wheels

Fabric Racks are the best way to store and protect your fabric and vacuum bagging consumables. Horizontal bars support the weight of fabrics evenly and keep materials adequately spaced so they stay in First Quality condition. They are sturdy enough to support multiple rolls of heavy fabric, mat, or film without the need for counterbalancing.

Both Work Stations feature a tabletop, at least one fabric rolling bar, a tension bar, and a tension guide (#1723 Complete Composite Workcenter also features shelves and a drawer).

For more helpful tips, visit the Learning Center and read, Setting Up a Composite Shop.

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