Fiberglass Mat is one of the most popular forms of reinforcement for non-structural applications. It's inexpensive, easy to use, and can quickly build thickness into parts, molds, or even a repair. It features randomly oriented strands throughout that effectively hide print-through of heavier fabrics and create an equal stiffness in all directions for molds and parts.

Note: All Fiberglass Mat is made to be used with resin to create hard, composite parts. However, it is NOT compatible with epoxy resin. Mat has a light binder that holds it together. During lay-up, it requires styrene to break down that binder and allow for complete resin saturation. Epoxy does not contain styrene and therefore cannot be effectively used with the mat. Use polyester or vinyl ester resin with these applications.

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  • Chopped Strand Mat: 1 1/2 ounce

    Build Quick Thickness for Parts
    5 star rating
    1.5 oz/sq ft, 38" & 50" Wide, 0.045" Thick Chopped Strand Mat is most frequently used with polyester resin to...
  • Continuous Strand Mat

    Rapid Build-Up for Parts and Molds
    5 star rating
    1.5 oz/sq ft, 50" Wide, 0.060" Thick Continuous Strand Mat is frequently used for rapid build-up of parts and...
  • Continuous Strand Veil Surfacing Mat

    Minimize Print-Thru within your Lamination
    4 star rating
    This surfacing mat is a thin ply of continuous strand fibers that are randomly looped throughout the roll of...
  • Woven Roving

    Rapid Build and High Strength for Flat Areas
    5 star rating
    Woven Roving provides an inexpensive means to laminate large, flat areas that call for rapid build-up and high...
  • Mat Tape

    Tear Apart and Reinforce Tough Spots
    5 star rating
    1.5 oz/sq ft mat, 4" Wide, 0.045" Thick Chopped Strand Mat Tape is ideally suited to reinforce the seams,...
  • Scrim Fabric, White

    Strengthens and Mimics Surrounding Substrate
    5 star rating
    Scrim cloth can be used in repair applications or for reinforcement of other types of materials including...
  • Fiberglass Sample Pack

    Get our Entire Selection of Fiberglass In-Hand
    5 star rating
    This convenient Sample Pack contains a 4" x 6" swatch of our fiberglass fabrics and tapes. It is ideal for...
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In particular, chopped strand mat (or CSM) is highly absorbent and, during lay-up, will soak up more resin than woven fiberglass fabrics. This can result in parts that are stiffer, but not as strong. For this reason, chopped fiberglass mat is usually layered with other fiberglass fabrics.

Generally, all fiberglass mat--including the mat tape--is used in a schedule with other fiberglass fabrics. While Chopped and Continuous Strand Mat are often used as inner layers to build bulk, fiberglass Veil Mat is used at the surface to prevent show through of other fiberglass fabrics below. Woven Roving and Scrim are used specifically to build strength.

Want to learn more about Fiberglass Fabrics? Fibre Glast has a free Learning Center with helpful white papers, videos, charts, and photo galleries. Consider reading About Reinforcements or Molding Fiberglass.

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