Fibre Glast is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Pai Boat polishing compounds in North America. Pai Boat's products were originally designed to be an integral part of caring for a yacht's surface. Since their beginnings, they have developed and produced specific polishing pastes and the fastest polishing systems for gel coats, resins, and composite materials in the industry, providing solutions to the wider field of general composites. In addition to the marine industry, they are currently servicing manufacturers in the transportation, sanitary, wind and renewable energy, sports equipment, auto, and carbon industries.

Pai Boat polishing compounds are crafted with precision and passion. They are meticulously formulated for specific projects and are engineered to restore the luster of your composite surface effortlessly. The polishing compounds offer versatility and tackle oxidation, scratches, or waterline stains with ease. They are available in white for lighter composites and black for carbon and/or darker composite surfaces. The black compounds are less likely to show any residue and blend in better on darker surfaces.

Join the ranks of satisfied customers who trust Pai Boat for unparalleled performance and unmatched quality.

  • Polishing Compound

    The best polishing compound for MOLDED parts
    This is a super cutting polishing compound used to remove marks and P600-P800 sand scratches (according to the...
  • Refinishing Polish

    Premium polish for First-Class finish
    This is a nano-abrasives based refinishing polish able to permanently remove holograms, swirls and polishing marks...
  • Protective Polish

    Delivers a Supreme Shiny finish
    This is a renewer protective polish that gives high gloss finishing while adding wax protection on gelcoat and...
  • All In One Polishing Kit

    Restore and Rejuvenate Your Yellowed or Scratched Surface
    The All-in-One kit contains everything you need in order to remove yellowing and scratches on your boat and restore...
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  • REX Polishing Compound

    REX Polishing Compound
    Perfect for resins and gel coats, this fast-cutting compound speeds up both the sanding and polishing processes. In...
  • Buffing Pads

    Buffing Pads
    Do you know that the right pad can increase polishing performance by 30%? In the polishing process it is the right...

Pai Boat polishes for gel coats, resins, and composite materials are specifically designed products that help restore and enhance the appearance of these surfaces. They are used to remove imperfections, such as scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, and dullness, and to provide a smooth and glossy finish. Here are some key points about polishes for gel coats, resins, and composite materials:

  1. Types of Polishes: There are several different types of polishes available, including polishing compound, refinishing polish, and protective polish. Compound polishes are more aggressive and are used for removing deeper scratches and imperfections. Refinishing or finishing polishes are milder and used for refining the surface and enhancing gloss. Protective polish is the final step for a professional result on dark surfaces.
  2. Abrasiveness: Polishes for gel coats, resins, and composite materials contain abrasive particles that help remove imperfections from the surface. The abrasiveness of the polish varies, and it is important to choose the appropriate level of abrasiveness based on the severity of the imperfections and the type of surface being treated.
  3. Application Method: Polishes can be applied by hand using a soft cloth or applicator pad, or with a machine polisher for more efficient and consistent results. The application method depends on the size of the surface area and personal preference.
  4. Buffing and Polishing Pads: Different types of buffing and polishing pads can be used in conjunction with the polish to achieve the desired results. These pads come in various levels of aggressiveness and are designed to work with specific types of polishes and surfaces.
  5. Restoration and Enhancement: Polishes help restore the shine and luster of gel coats, resins, and composite materials by smoothing out imperfections and bringing back the color and gloss. They also create a protective layer on the surface, helping to guard against environmental factors and UV damage.
  6. Compatibility: It is important to use polishes like Pai Boat that are specifically formulated for gel coats, resins, and composite materials. These polishes are designed to work effectively without causing damage or negatively affecting the surface characteristics of the material.
  7. Maintenance and Care: Regular polishing and maintenance can help prolong the life and appearance of gel coats, resins, and composite materials. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper use, frequency of application, and any specific care recommendations.

When using polishes, it is essential to test them in a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility and to assess the results before proceeding with the entire surface. Additionally, it is recommended to follow proper safety precautions, such as wearing gloves and eye protection, and to work in a well-ventilated area when using polishes and related products.

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