PAI Boat Composites were originally designed to be an integral part of caring for a yacht's surface. To this end, PAI Boat has developed and produced specific polishing pastes and the fastest polishing systems.

PAI Boat has broadened its offerings by providing solutions to the wider field of general composites, servicing manufacturers in the transportation, sanitary, wind and renewable energy, sports equipment, auto, and carbon industries.
  • Polishing Compound

    The best polishing compound for MOLDED parts
    This is a super cutting polishing compound used to remove marks and P600-P800 sand scratches (according to the...
  • Refinishing Polish

    Premium polish for First-Class finish
    This is a nano-abrasives based refinishing polish able to permanently remove holograms, swirls and polishing marks...
  • Protective Polish

    Delivers a Supreme Shiny finish
    This is a renewer protective polish that gives high gloss finishing while adding wax protection on gelcoat and...
  • All In One Polishing Kit

    Restore and Rejuvenate Your Yellowed or Scratched Surface
    The All-in-One kit contains everything you need in order to remove yellowing and scratches on your boat and restore...
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