Fibre Glast offers a selection of carbon fiber fabrics that deliver higher strength- and stiffness-to-weight ratios than any other commonly available reinforcements, particularly when used with epoxy resins.

These Classic styles are woven for their fiber orientation and are the most commonly used in the composites industry. They include plain and twill weaves, available in a variety of densities and thicknesses. Plain weave styles are less pliable but hold together well when cut. On the other hand, twill weaves feature fibers that run straighter for greater lengths--maintaining the theoretical strengths of the fiber--so they are more pliable and stronger than plain styles.

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At Fibre Glast, we ensure that every roll of carbon fabric we handle meets our First Quality commitment, manufactured to the highest standards. That means you can expect the same properties and handling characteristics every time you order from us. We also guarantee that our fabrics are virtually flawless to help you to achieve a perfect look.

Plain Weave Carbon Fiber Fabric: Plain weave carbon fiber fabric is characterized by a simple and symmetrical pattern of interlacing carbon fiber yarns. In this weave style, each warp yarn (lengthwise) alternately passes over and under each weft yarn (crosswise), creating a grid-like appearance. The carbon fibers in a plain weave fabric cross each other at 90-degree angles, forming a balanced and uniform structure.

Advantages of Plain Weave Carbon Fiber Fabric:

  1. Excellent drapability: Plain weave fabric is highly flexible and conforms well to complex shapes and contours, making it suitable for applications that require intricate molding or wrapping.
  2. Good stability: Plain weave offers good dimensional stability, maintaining its shape and structure during handling, layup, and curing processes.
  3. Balanced strength: Plain weave fabrics exhibit balanced tensile strength in both warp and weft directions, providing uniform strength properties throughout the fabric.
  4. Smooth surface finish: The simple, grid-like pattern of plain weave results in a smooth surface finish, making it suitable for applications where aesthetics and surface appearance are important.

Twill Weave Carbon Fiber Fabric: Twill weave carbon fiber fabric is characterized by a diagonal pattern of interlacing carbon fiber yarns. In this weave style, each warp yarn passes over a certain number of weft yarns before going under the next set of weft yarns. The diagonal pattern creates a distinct diagonal line or "twill line" appearance on the fabric surface.

Advantages of Twill Weave Carbon Fiber Fabric:

  1. Increased drapability: Twill weave fabrics have more pliability compared to plain weave, allowing for better conformity to complex shapes and contours.
  2. Greater strength-to-weight ratio: Twill weave carbon fiber fabric exhibits improved strength-to-weight ratio due to the longer float length of the fibers, resulting in a higher fiber volume fraction and increased mechanical properties.
  3. Enhanced drape aesthetics: The diagonal twill pattern in the fabric creates an attractive and visually appealing surface texture, often preferred for applications where design aesthetics are important.
  4. Improved impact resistance: Twill weave fabrics generally provide better impact resistance compared to plain weave due to the crimping effect of the diagonal fibers, which allows for better energy absorption.

In summary, plain weave carbon fiber fabric offers excellent drapability, stability, and a smooth surface finish, while twill weave carbon fiber fabric provides increased drapability, a distinct twill line appearance, and improved strength-to-weight ratio. The choice between these weave styles depends on the specific requirements of the application, such as part complexity, strength requirements, surface finish preferences, and desired aesthetics.

What is more, these classic plain or twill carbon fabrics deliver a sleek, black visual punch that is tough to beat. It is the perfect reinforcement for use in auto racing, aircraft, competition marine, and light industrial applications. All our fabrics are certified and traceable.

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