Fibre Glast offers adhesives for a variety of applications, from structural bonding paste and marine-grade fairing adhesives to general purpose and infusion spray adhesives. Strength, pliability, viscosity, and cure time vary among the selection and should be considered before starting your composite project or repair.

  • Bond and assemble subcomponents to form rigid final structures.
  • Strengthen loose fitting joints and panels.
  • Generally repair and bond composites, SMC, foam, wood, many metals, and other common construction materials.
  • Create durable, moisture-resistant surfaces for boats and other watercraft.
  • Securely position materials within a vacuum bagging layup.
  • Bond a wide range of substrates to include decorative laminates and veneers, fiberglass, glass, upholstery, fabrics, foam, boat headliners, cork and particle board.

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  • Epoxy Paste Bonding Adhesive

    Get Impressive Strength in a Quick-Cure Turnaround
    5 star rating
    Our #1101 Epoxy Paste Bonding Adhesive is a high strength structural adhesive used to bond and assemble...
  • Infusion Spray Adhesive

    Designed for the infusion molding process.
    1601-A Infusion Adhesive is an adhesive specifically designed for the infusion molding process. 1601-A is designed to...
  • LVOC Infusion Spray Adhesive

    Designed for the infusion molding process.
    1602-A LVOC Infusion Adhesive is a specialty industrial spray adhesive specifically designed for the infusion molding...
  • General Purpose Spray Adhesive

    Versatile industrial strength contact adhesive.
    1603-A General Purpose Adhesive is a high performance and versatile industrial strength contact adhesive. Water...
  • Marine Spray Adhesive

    Industrial strength contact adhesive with zero VOCs.
    1604-A Marine Adhesive is a high performance industrial strength contact adhesive formulated with zero VOCs to comply...
  • 3M Super 77™ Spray Adhesive - Clearance

    Creates Strong, Temporary Bonds
    3M™ Super 77™ Multi-Purpose Adhesive Aerosol is a spray adhesive that can be used to bond many...

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