Infusion Spray Adhesive

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  • 1601-A
  • 1601-A
    Can (13 oz)
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Designed for the infusion molding process.

1601-A Infusion Adhesive is an adhesive specifically designed for the infusion molding process. 1601-A is designed to adhere and hold reinforcing materials (fiberglass, soric, peel ply and core boards) in place prior to and during infusion. Specially formulated for the infusion process, 1601-A will not interfere with the polymer matrix integrity and will cross-link with resins to create an integrated matrix.

• Specifically Formulated for Vacuum Infusion
• High Tack ensures optimal hold
• Low Shrinkage during Cure
• Compatible with Infusion resins
• ASTM -D790
• Pebble spray pattern


1601-A Infusion Adhesive can be shipped via standard ground service without hazard charges within the 48 contiguous United States. 1601-A Infusion Adhesive can not shipped by air.


1601-A Infusion Adhesive is sold by the unit. 13 oz.

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