Mixing Supplies should be used to mix resin with resin additives when preparing for the lay-up process. Additives like catalyst and hardener are necessary in order for resins to work properly. Other additives, like fillers, pigment, and wax, are optional and chosen for the desired characteristics they bring to resin.

Before the lay-up process begins, mixing resin properly and thoroughly with any of these additives is a critical step. Be sure you select materials based on the amount and type of resin you intend to mix.

Click through the selections below to get the details and figure out which is best for your project.

  • Jiffy Mixers

    Thorough Mixing for Fillers and Pigments
    For mixing resins with fillers and pigment, Jiffy Mixers are the industry choice for a number of reasons:...
  • Mixing Sticks & Paddles

    Keep a Handful Around the Shop
    Mixing Sticks and Paddles are an easy and effective way to mix resins and gel coat. After each use, simply dispose...
  • Polypropylene Jars

    Air-Tight Storage for Resins, Pigments, Gel Coat
    When used together, polypropylene jars and twist-on lids provide easy, air-tight storage of nearly any liquid in the...
  • Cups for Spray Guns

    Make Gel Coat Application and Clean-Up Easier
    5 star rating
    One-quart (32 oz.) Reusable Plastic Tubs (#121) are translucent and graduated for easy-to-see measurement. Keep...
  • 1 Pint Paper & Plastic Mixing Tubs

    Convenient Mixing Cups for the Shop
    These one-pint (16 oz.) cups make it easy to mix thoroughly in-hand. Keep a stack of each on the shelf, along with...
  • Paper Tubs

    Workshop Must-Have for All-Purpose Mixing
    4 star rating
    These unwaxed paper cups are great for mixing resins and gel coat in the shop. Keep a stack on-hand, along with...
  • Plastic Buckets

    Stands Up to Resins, Thinners and Solvents
    Our gallon mixing tubs are perfect for larger mixing projects. These buckets are tough enough for use with resins,...
  • EZ Mix Containers

    Mix 2-part Resins by Ratio in Same Container
    Graduations display volumetric ratios for all kinds of mixes, but are especially helpful for mixing epoxy resin and...
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Want to learn more about mixing resin? Take a look at helpful charts in our Learning Center, including our Catalyst Chart and our Viscosity Guidelines. While you're there, read our helpful white paper, About Resins for more insight.

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