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  • 505-A
  • 505-A
    Gallon Plastic Mixing Tubs
  • $6.95
  • 505-B
  • 505-B
    Gallon Plastic Mixing Tubs - Carton of 100
  • $599.95


Stands Up to Resins, Thinners and Solvents

Our gallon mixing tubs are perfect for larger mixing projects. These buckets are tough enough for use with resins, thinners, solvents, mixing paddles (#511, #512, #1600) and Jiffy Mixers (#320).


This item (#505-A), when ordered alone, will typically ship in a medium box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped. Cartons (#505-B) will typically ship in a large box.


Plastic Bucket This Plastic Bucket is sold by the unit (#505-A) and in a carton of 100 (#505-B).

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