These filling and fairing compounds are perfect for structural and cosmetic fiberglass repairs. The marine epoxy fairing compound is for fairing surface imperfections or corners on a variety of surfaces with excellent weather resistance, for both above and below the water line.

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  • Marine Epoxy Fairing Compound

    Repair and Smooth Nearly Any Surface
    4.3 star rating
    #4118 Marine Epoxy Fairing Compound is a smooth, creamy paste system for fairing surface imperfections on...
  • Polyester Fairing Compound

    Durable and Highly Adhesive with Low Shrinkage
    5 star rating
    Polyester Fairing Compound is a fibrous filler for structural repairs, bonding, and part fabrication. This...
  • Lightweight Polyester Cosmetic Filler

    High Quality No-Shrink Surface Filler
    5 star rating
    Lightweight Polyester Cosmetic Filler is a versatile, creamy paste designed to fill, seal, repair, and finish...
  • BPO Hardener

    Easy-Blend Cream Hardener
    5 star rating
    BPO (benzoyl peroxide) is a peroxide used for curing amine accelerated polyester resins and fillers. It leads to...

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