We have teamed up with Sunrez and Saertex to offer GE approved UV cured fiberglass patches, putty, and resin. These products are perfect for Wind Turbine Blade repair, Cure-In-Place-Pipe, boat hulls, camper roofs, electrical insulators, water softener tanks and a lot more.

These products cure in minutes, not hours! They use sunlight or a handheld UV light to cure the repair!

  • UV Prepregs- UV VE resin prepreg available in a pack of 10 300 mmx 750mm sheets of Biax 806, Combi 900, and 1000 UD. UV Epoxy available in Single 12"x12" patches of Chopped Strand Mat and Combi 900.
  • UV Putty- Ideal for filling imperfections such as gouges, scratches, small holes, etc. and can be used like body filler and applied with a squeegee.
  • UV resin- This resin can be used with any woven or stitched fiberglass reinforcement to create a UV cured composite. It is a single component system that is easy to use and cures within minutes.

We carry support materials for the prepreg and resins including a UV light kit, PET film for a tack free cure, and UV blocking film for when a cure is not immediately required.