Fiberglass Tapes and Sleeve are predominately used for selective reinforcement and wrapping applications that call for smaller coverage areas, localized strength, or even unique shapes, like tubing.

These reinforcements, like their fabric counterparts, are made to be used with resin to create hard, composite parts of excellent strength, low weight, and dimensional stability. Selections in this category are compatible with epoxy, polyester, and vinyl ester resins (Mat Tape is not compatible with epoxy).

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  • Woven Fiberglass Tape

    Perfect for Winding, Seams and Reinforced Areas
    5 star rating
    Woven Fiberglass Tape is ideal for selective reinforcement of fiberglass laminates. It can also be used for...
  • 2" Braided Fiberglass Biaxial Sleeve

    Slides On and Conforms to Changing Shapes
    5 star rating
    10.4 oz/sq yd, 2" Diameter, 0.011" Thick Braided sleeve will conform to the shape of products with changing...
  • Mat Tape

    Tear Apart and Reinforce Tough Spots
    5 star rating
    1.5 oz/sq ft mat, 4" Wide, 0.045" Thick Chopped Strand Mat Tape is ideally suited to reinforce the seams,...

  • Woven fiberglass tapes come in convenient widths and feature finished edges that don't unravel, or fray, like a cut strip might. They are not adhesive backed and should be used with resin. Tapes match our #243 and #245 fiberglass fabrics.
  • Mat Tape can be used to quickly build thickness, and can be easily torn into smaller pieces to reinforce seams and corners. Mat Tape should be used with a polyester or vinyl ester resin; it is not compatible with epoxy.
  • Braided Sleeve will slide over mandrels or tubing. It is made to conform to a variety of changing geometries and also requires use with a resin.

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