A Chopper Gun is used to automatically chop and deposit fiberglass gun roving strands or carbon tow strands into a mold or composite part. The Chopper Gun makes it easy to quickly cover large surfaces with fiberglass. Fiberglass Gun Roving is fed through the back of the gun in a long continuous piece. An adjustable blade assembly controls the size of the fiberglass strands, and the trigger controls the speed at which these strands are ejected from the gun and onto the mold surface.

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  • Chopper Gun

    Chops Clean for Quick Fiber Build-Up
    5 star rating
    A Chopper Gun is used to automatically chop and deposit fiberglass gun roving strands into a mold or composite part....
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  • Parts for 1171-A Chopper Gun

    Extend the Life of your Chopper Gun
    5 star rating
    Extend the life of your Chopper Gun with these replacement parts. We offer replacement parts for all of the wear...
  • 24K Carbon Tow

    Add Directional Reinforcement with High Strength
    5 star rating
    Carbon Fiber Tow is the thread used to weave carbon fiber fabrics. As a standalone product, it can be used to make...
  • Gun Roving

    Available in 50-Pound Rolls
    This versatile roving chops cleanly and wets rapidly and completely. It demonstrates good laminate properties and...

Our Chopper Gun is air-powered and features variable speed. Users can also adjust the number and placement of chopper blades in order to determine fiber length — from as long as 4 inches to as short as 5/16 inches.

The Chopper Gun is meant to add chopped fiberglass roving or carbon tow onto a surface in dry format. Resin must be added afterwards, either by spray gun or roller.

Want to learn more about Fiberglass Fabrics? Fibre Glast has a free Learning Center with helpful white papers, videos, charts, and photo galleries. Consider reading About Reinforcements or Fundamentals of Fiberglass.

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