A Resin Trap is an integral part of any vacuum bagging process. Resin traps are airtight containers placed within the vacuum tubing circuit, between the laminate and the pump, to catch any excess resin before it can enter and destroy the vacuum pump. When set up properly, the vacuum tubing will flow out of the laminate and connect directly to the resin trap. A separate tube will then leave the resin trap and connect to the vacuum pump. With the resin trap, all excess resin will be collected into the trap, while air is still allowed to flow back to the pump. Fibre Glast offers three resin trap sizes for your project needs.

This system will also include resin feed lines, vacuum tubing and resin delivery materials. Our selection of resin traps, vacuum tubing, spiral tubing, and Omega Channel will complete all of your vacuum infusion and vacuum bagging needs.

  • Resin Traps with 1/2 Inch Fitting

    Capture Excess Resin and Protect your Pump
    Protect your equipment! These vacuum-sealed tanks are installed in the vacuum bagging process between the mold and...
  • Vacuum Bagging Starter Kit

    All You Need is an Air Source!
    5 star rating
    Vacuum bagging is a great method for building a better composite part—let Fibre Glast help you get started....
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  • Air Hose Assemblies

    Spend Time on your Part – Not on your Set-Up
    Our industrial quality air hoses have been pre-fitted with 1 ⁄ 4 " quick disconnect fittings... 
  • Vacuum Tubing

    Dependable Choice for Vacuum Bag and Infusion
    Strong enough to resist collapse under pressure in the vacuum cycle, this vinyl tubing is the smart choice for your...
  • Spiral Tubing

    Extend Lines or Vacuum Bagging and Infusion
    Spiral Tubing is a resin infusion standard and is ideally suited for in-bag vacuum line extenders or resin feed...
  • Omega Flow Channel

    Reusable Resin Infusion Lines
    5 star rating
    Omega Flow Lines are designed for use under the bag in resin infusion applications, replacing spiral tubing. Omega...
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  • Double-Backed Tape

    Perfect for holding Spiral Tubing
    Our Double-Backed Tape is a double-sided fabric reinforced tape with a rubber based adhesive on both sides. It is...
  • EnkaFusion Filter Jacket

    Create Fast-Moving Channels for Resin Infusion
    5 star rating
    Increase the productivity of your resin infusion process with EnkaFusion ® Filter Jacket. This 4" wide ... 

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