Omega Flow Channel

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  • Omega Flow Channel

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Reusable Resin Infusion Lines

Omega Flow Lines are designed for use under the bag in resin infusion applications, replacing spiral tubing. Omega Flow Lines incorporate an ''Omega section'' internally to transport resin along the surface and into the part. Simply attach your resin feed lines to the Omega Channel. Once the channel is full, resin will be dispersed into your part. Omega Flow Lines are made from translucent silicone rubber and are reusable. Apply mold release to the inside of the channel prior to each use and thoroughly clean the channel once removed from your part. These flow lines leave minimal or no mark off on the part when used in conjunction with our flow media and peel ply.


  • Minimal mark off on part.
  • Reusable when properly maintained (apply mold release to channel and clean after each use).
  • Available in lengths from 1'-50'.


Max Temp 500°F
Color Clear
Channel Diameter 0.5” 


Omega Flow Channel will typically ship in a small or medium box, depending on amount ordered. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped.


Omega Flow Channel is sold by the linear foot. Quantity discounts are available at 10 foot, 25 foot and 50 foot lengths.


5 star rating

Omega, flow channel

Aug 17, 2023  |  By Rj Burke

I wish I would've invested in this flow channel a long time ago. I actually saved resin during the infusion process from some of the one time use flow channels. Also, the Omega flow channel has a little bit of weight to it so it stays on the part exactly where I want it before the bag is pull down. I would highly recommend just make sure you put some sort of release before using.

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