Double-Backed Tape

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  • 3584-A
  • 3584-A
    1" Double Sided Tape
  • $31.95
  • 3584-B
  • 3584-B
    1" Case of 48 Rolls
  • $1,145.95

  • 3585-A
  • 3585-A
    2" Double Sided Tape
  • $54.95
  • 3585-B
  • 3585-B
    2" Case of 24 Rolls
  • $1,049.95


Perfect for holding Spiral Tubing

Our Double-Backed Tape is a double-sided fabric reinforced tape with a rubber based adhesive on both sides. It is designed specifically for holding down plastic spiral tubing used as a vacuum manifold in the resin infusion process. It can also be used to hold honeycomb cores during machining while allowing the core to be removed without residue. The thick adhesive coating ensures that material is held firmly in position. This tape is suitable for use with metallic and non-metallic core. Each roll contains 36 yards of double backed tape.


  • Rubber adhesive tape can be used where silicone adhesives are prohibited to reduce contamination risk.
  • Heavy duty tape provides strong hold for difficult items such as infusion spiral manifolds.
  • Use to fix position of materials to avoid process errors and improve part quality.


Max Temp 140°F
Color White
Total Thickness 0.011” 

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This item, when ordered alone as a roll, will typically ship in a small box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped.


Double Sided Tape in both widths (#3584-A & #3585-A) is sold by the roll. *Quantity discounts are available on both when 10 or more rolls of one size tape are purchased in one order.

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