Resin Traps with 1/2 Inch Fitting

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    2 Quart Resin Trap

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    4.25 Quart Resin Trap

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    8.25 Quart Resin Trap

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Capture Excess Resin and Protect your Pump

Protect your equipment! These vacuum-sealed tanks are installed in the vacuum bagging process between the mold and the vacuum pump to capture excess resin that enters the vacuum line before it can damage your equipment. Resin traps are an integral part of all vacuum infusion and vacuum bagging processes. Our durable 300 Series Stainless Steel resin traps come equipped with an 14" aluminum lid.

  • Apply mold release to all interior surfaces of the resin trap prior to lay-up for easy clean-up once the vacuum process is complete.
  • Resin traps come complete with glycerin-filled vacuum gauge, fittings for use with 12" vacuum tubing,brass ball valve and instruction manual.
  • Three sizes to choose from to fit your project needs: 2 Quart, 4.25 Quart and 8.25 Quart

PLEASE NOTE: For larger projects or those where resin does not saturate evenly, install multiple in-line resin traps.

warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to

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