Corrosion-Resistant Vinyl Ester Resin

4.8 star rating

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  • 1110/69-F
  • 1110/69-F
    Quart w/ hardener
  • $59.95
  • 1110/69-A
  • 1110/69-A
    Gallon w/ hardener
  • $159.95
  • 1110/69-AK
  • 1110/69-AK
    Case (4 Gallons w/ hardener)
  • $499.95

  • 1110-F
  • 1110-F
    Quart (2 lbs)
  • $54.95
  • 1110-A
  • 1110-A
    Gallon (9 lbs)
  • $149.95
  • 1110-B
  • 1110-B
    5 Gallon Pail (40 lbs)

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  • $489.95


Corrosion Resistant and Blended for Toughness

Our #1110 Vinyl Ester resin is formulated for maximum corrosion resistance to most fuels, vapors, and both acidic and basic chemicals. It is also heat resistant and blended for toughness. These qualities make it perfect for repairing tank linings, blistering boat hulls, as well as fabricating tough all-around parts. The properties of this resin allow it to withstand impacts and repeated flexing without developing cracks.

The raw materials used in the manufacture of this resin are listed as acceptable in FDA regulation Title 21 CFR 177.2420 for repeated use in contact with food, as well.

#1110 has a low viscosity, making it perfect for resin infusion applications. It can also be used for hand lay-up or spray applications that require excellent corrosion resistance, impact strength, and tensile elongation.

PLEASE NOTE: Shelf life is limited to 3 months. (Hetron 922)

This resin is formulated for 1.25% MEKP catalyzation. #1110 can be purchased alone or as part of a Resin and Hardener Kit.

#1110/69-F kit contains (1) QUART RESIN, (1) #69-A.

#1110/69-A kit contains (1) GAL RESIN, (2) #69-A.

#1110/69-AK kit contains (4) GAL RESIN, (8) #69-A.

warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to


Vinyl Ester Resin quart (#1110-F) and gallon (#1110-A) units and kits can be shipped via standard ground service without hazard charges within the 48 contiguous United States. 5-gallon quantity (#1110-B) is considered hazardous (flammable) and will be subject to a hazard charge if shipped by standard ground. All sizes of #1110 (quart, gallon, and 5-gallon) will be subject to a hazard charge if shipped by air. Please see our Hazardous Shipping Chart for more information about hazard fees. We will consolidate items whenever possible to minimize these fees.


Vinyl Ester Resin This resin is available in a variety of sizes that include: One quart (#1110-F) One gallon (#1110-A) A five-gallon pail (#1110-B) One drum (#1110-DRUM) *Quantity discounts are available on the five-gallon pail only, when four or more units are ordered at one time. This resin can be purchased as part of a kit that includes MEKP catalyst. You should purchase the kit unless you already have hardener in your workshop. The kits include: One quart of resin, with one 1 oz. bottle of hardener (#1110/69-F) One gallon of resin, with two 1 oz. bottles of hardener (#1110/69-A) One case of four gallons, with eight 1 oz. bottles of hardener (#1110/69-AK)


4.8 star rating

Hi quality products

Jun 20, 2023  |  By Steven Penteris

I have been making carbon fiber parts for a couple of years using the cheapest resins and fiber I could find. But then I tried the 1110 resin and absolutely love the quality of this resin. Its tough durable and so far has held up to oil and fuel. Its cure time is also very consistent with the proper harder added. I will continue to only buy products from fiberglast.

1110 resin

Aug 26, 2022  |  By Sebastian Rodriguez

The resin is great and hardeneds petty quickly

Vinylesther with hybrid cloth

Oct 28, 2021  |  By Paul A

Fiberglass is easy to deal with, well organized site for ordering and plenty of support resources. Quality product arrived on time and, although no real damage, the resin container is severely dented and the box containing the cloth was ripped open. Seems an increasingly familiar trend with this shipper. Can't give any definitive application feedback until finished using the product.
Boat Restoration
Aug 10, 2020  |  By Anthony Kuban
Resin is high quality. Kit is nice and more than enough hardener provided at recommended mixing. Be careful to work within the cure time. At one point i ended up with 8oz still in the cup that started smoking due to the exotherm.

One clarification i would ask fibreglast to make: The pictures of the kit show mixing by volume. The video however, shows to mix by weight. Clarify one way or the other. I went weight and the curing seems to be good.

Shelf life: I got every bit of 3 months out of the shelf life. Was forced to wait for good weather at one point that made me push it right up to 12 weeks on the shelf.

ss vette inc
May 17, 2018  |  By donald claus
I think Fiberglast is a great company and on your sale items companies like mine can buy from Fiberglast.

Vinyl Ester Resin
Aug 24, 2016  |  By Elmer J Herlihy
I would not say i've enjoyed working with this product.
But i would say that it is reliable and very consistent, great working time plenty of time for rolling large panels.
it seems to wet out the same as polyester.
so far very happy with the out come
thanks Elmer

Vinyl Ester resin
Jul 9, 2016  |  By Donald claus
This is by fare the best vinylester resin I have used, very clear slightly rose color transparent great for carbon fiber . Wets out perfectly

Structural use of Carbon Fiber Cloth
May 4, 2016  |  By Lembit Maimets
The test continues. Present results are affected negatively by the resin that has too low limit of expansion. New resin is supposed to have double expansion limit. The next test will find the results.

Quality !!
May 3, 2016  |  By Rolf urban
It was a pleasure working with a top quality product. Keep up the great work !!

Great resin
Apr 17, 2016  |  By Paul Cronin
Fourth time I have used this resin and it works great, repairs, new construction. It is my go to resin when not using epoxy.

Jul 31, 2015  |  By Chris T
Very prompt. Very good packaging. Awesome product. Hope to be receiving tractor trailer loads before 2017. That's my baby tho...

Vinyl Ester Resin
Apr 17, 2015  |  By Ward M
I am extremely pleased with your vinyl ester resin! Like many, I try to make my dollar stretch as far as it can, and used 'Brand X' vinyl ester resin (about $15/gallon less costly) for several layups, and despite meticulous mixing of catalyst and resin, was disappointed with it's 'kick' and cure times. When I switched to YOUR 1100 resin, my parts are kicking much more rapidly, and in some cases, I have been able to remove them from the mold on the same day as layup. Your quality is worth the cost, and I will never go back to the previous brand!

Great Resin
Apr 1, 2015  |  By Barry E
Great product!

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