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  • BP20-A
  • BP20-A
    400ml cartridge (Each)
  • $55.95
  • BP20-B
  • BP20-B
    Box of 12

    Quantity Discounts

  • $579.95
  • 825-A
  • 825-A
    Static Mixer for BP20 and BP10 Cartridges
  • $1.95
  • 825-B
  • 825-B
    Static Mixer for BP20 and BP10 Cartridges - Pack of 10
  • $17.50


Fast setting bondings and repairs on composite structures

BP20 is a solvent-free epoxy-based bonding paste which was especially developed for fast setting bondings in wind energy composites applications and for bondings of composites and metal. BP20 has a good degree of cure even at lower ambient temperatures. The cartridges allow for clean, selective application.

* Requires cartridge gun sold separately.


  • MGS BP20 by Westlake/Hexion
  • Fast setting bonds for composites and metal
  • Long shelf life (48 months) in originally sealed containers
  • Economical, clean, and selective application by cartridges
  • Approximate 15 minute working time at room temperature
  • Developed for professional and industrial use like wind turbine blade repair, but safe and easy enough for home projects.


MGS BP20 can be shipped in individual cartridges (BP20-A) and boxes of 12 (BP20-B) via standard ground service, and by air, without hazard charges within the 48 contiguous United States.


MGS BP20 is available in individual cartridges (BP20-A) and boxes of 12 cartridges (BP20-B). Quantity discounts are available on orders of 10 or more boxes.

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