LVOC Infusion Spray Adhesive

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  • 1602-A
  • 1602-A
    Can (13 oz)
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Designed for the infusion molding process.

1602-A LVOC Infusion Adhesive is a specialty industrial spray adhesive specifically designed for the infusion molding process that meets the most strict VOC regulations. 1602-A is designed to adhere and hold reinforcing fiberglass materials (mats, pads, strips) in place prior to and during resin infusion. Specifically formulated for the infusion process, it will not interfere with the polymer matrix integrity and will cross-link with resins to create an integrated matrix.

• Low VOCs
• SCAQMD Rule 1168 & OTC Compliant
• Specifically formulated for infusion vacuum molding
• Fast Tack for securing reinforcing materials in mold
• Compatible with infusion resins
• Web spray pattern


1602-A LVOC Infusion Adhesive can be shipped via standard ground service without hazard charges within the 48 contiguous United States. 1602-A LVOC Infusion Adhesive can not shipped by air.


1602-A LVOC Infusion Adhesive is sold by the unit. 13 oz.

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