Perma-Grit Rotary Attachments

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  • 1919-A
  • 1919-A
    7pc Kit
  • $124.95
  • 1901-A
  • 1901-A
    3/4" Cutting Wheel

    Quantity Discounts

  • $15.95
  • 1902-A
  • 1902-A
    1-1/4" Cutting Wheel

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  • $16.95


Cut and Shape Laminates with Handheld Rotary

Made from tough tungsten carbide, Perma-Grit® Rotary Attachments are designed to cut and shape your composite materials aggressively and with great precision. Use them to cut through fiberglass and carbon fiber laminates with ease.

Each attachment is supplied with a 0.12" (6 mm) arbor and is turned down from steel before the tungsten carbide grit is welded to the surface. This allows for smooth, well-balanced operation with a powered rotary cutting tool, like our hand-held #2307 Dremel. They will not "fray" or shatter the edges of your composite, leaving little to no need for finish work.

Perma-Grit Attachments feature a special grit cutting edge for use with traditional or reverse-drive drills. After repeated use, attachments have proven to maintain their edge without breakage, and cut even more aggressively than more expensive diamond materials. They don't clog easily, but can be cleaned, if necessary, with a wire brush and/or Acetone (part #9).

Our #1919 Perma-Grit Rotary Attachment kit includes:

  • Rod (0.16", or 4 mm)
  • Domehead (0.28", or 7 mm)
  • Ball (0.39", or 10 mm)
  • Drum (0.43", or 11 mm)
  • Pancake (0.79", or 20 mm)
  • Wide Cone (0.63", or 16 mm)
  • Cutting Disc (1.25", or 32 mm)
  • Storage Case

Cuttings Discs, for making finished edge and relief cuts, are available and sold separately. Each comes with arbor, locking washer, and nut.

  • #1901 34" Cutting Disc for smaller, intricate cuts
  • #1902 1-14" Cutting Disc for cutting thick laminates, or making long, large cuts

    PLEASE NOTE: Always wear goggles when using rotary tools and cutting discs.


This item, when ordered alone, will typically ship in a small box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped.


Perma-Grit Rotary Attachments Perma-Grit Rotary Attachments are available as part of a 7-piece kit (#1919-A), which is sold by the unit. Both the 3/4" Cutting Wheel (#1901-A) and 1-1/4" Cutting Wheel (#1902-A) are sold individually by the unit. *Quantity discounts are available on both when five or more of any one size wheel are purchased in one order.


5 star rating

Works great

Mar 3, 2016  |  By Gboz

Tools work great.

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