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Resin Flows Easily for Vacuum Bagging

Divinymat has been engineered specifically for the resin infusion process and serves as both a sandwich core and a flow media.

Divinymat is a 3.8-pound per cubic foot DIAB Divinycell H foam. As a foam sandwich core, it provides the highest strength-for-density in its application range, which includes marine and land transportation, wind energy, civil engineering/infrastructure, and general industrial markets. It also delivers solid compressive and shear strength in both ambient and elevated temperatures.

Cross-scoring, as well as grooves and perforations, at the surface of the foam create controlled flow channels for resin during the infusion process. It offers the highest structural properties of any available flow media.

  • Bonded to a light scrim cloth at its back, allowing it to conform to most simple curves and shapes
  • Compatible with epoxy, polyester, and vinyl ester resins
  • Features chemical resistance, low water absorption, and good thermal/acoustic insulation
  • Store out of direct sunlight

Divinymat is sold by the sheet (32" x 48") and is 18" thick.


This item, when ordered alone, will typically ship rolled in a long box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped.


DIVINYMAT DIVINYMAT is sold by the sheet. *Quantity discounts are available when five or more sheets are purchased in one order.


5 star rating

Prompt Svc

Aug 24, 2021  |  By N.D. Shane

Product arrived in perfect condition, quickly.

This Is How You Do It

Jun 19, 2021  |  By Noel Shuckhart

I found your 1/8 divini mat online one day as I was going over plans for my open wheel car. I got your box of samples and "walla", this was perfect to lay my carbon fiber cloth over. The epoxy resin bonds the CF to the mat like a grilled cheese sandwich.

Scored Coremat is always handy to have around

Nov 5, 2020  |  By Scott Bruning

I've used Divinycell Divinymat for years. The matt is scored about every 1/4", and lays down very well. I've used this to create rigid prototypes with only one layer of fiberglass fabric on each side of the coremat.

Showerpan liner makes a great vacuum bag.

Recently I used the mat to reinforce an installed shower bay so I could add handicap grab bars. I cut the mat into a single long strand (1 cell x 2 ft) and coiled it up. Saturated it with polyurethane glue and fed the coil into gap behind the new grab bar location. Whatever adhesive or resin you use, the coremat is a fantastic reinforcing tool. It is SCORED (cut into cubes) and that makes all the difference when creating rigid honeycomb structures.
Rescued From Purgatory
May 28, 2019  |  By Keith Myers
The prescored1/8" Divinymat core material that I ordered....saved my butt. I was facing a very long and gruesome task of replacing rotten, finished plywood on portions of the interior hull of a 39 YO sailboat. This made made the job so much easier, and with a finish that is impressive. It's my new favorite material for fiberglass repairs.A re-order is in the works.

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