Thru-Bag Vacuum Connector

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  • 910-A
  • 910-A
    Thru-Bag Vacuum Connector w/ Quick Change Connector
  • $39.95
  • 915-A
  • 915-A
    Thru-Bag Vacuum Connector w/ Hose Barb Connector
  • $47.95


Versatility for the Professional Fabricator

Thru-bag Vacuum connectors are critical for successful vacuum bagging operations. These durable, reusable devices allow the fabricator to create an air-tight connection between the vacuum line and the vacuum bag.

  • Place base of Thru-bag connector inside vacuum bag
  • Make a small opening in the bag
  • Insert remaining half of connector through the bag and screw into the base of the device.

910-A: This thru-bag connector comes equipped with a quick-connect fitting that allows the fabricator to draw air directly from the bag through a standard air hose (#2217).

915-A: This version of the Thru-bag connector comes equipped with a brass adapter and brass hose barb (#2220) for attachment to our 1/2" vacuum tubing (#893).

Use with temperatures up to 500°F.

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Thru-Bag Vacuum Connector This item is sold by the unit.


3 star rating

Works exactly as described, simple and effective

Feb 27, 2024  |  By Steve chesney

The though-bag connector is a very simple and effective fitting that does exactly what it says and nothing more or less. I have achieved very high and consistent vacuum with it over dozens of runs.
While it is very simple, it is not forgiving of incorrect or sloppy set-up of the bag. You MUST follow the instructions for proper cutting and fitting of the bag hole where the fitting goes, otherwise you will get leaks.
It is also not hard to clean if you screw up and get some resin in it but it requires some care to clean it without damaging it.

Thru-Bag Vacuum Connector

Jan 4, 2021  |  By Omar Alzoobi

It does the job sort of, but I couldn't find anything to use with it as a quick connect. I recommend purchasing the one where you slide a hose on top and hold secure with hose clamp. It is also worth mentioning that it doesn't hold vacuum unless you have a vacuum pump on constantly

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