Fiberglass repairs can be completed successfully once a few key principles are understood. Successful fiberglass repairs will extend the life of your part or mold and save you the cost of replacing the composite part completely. Consider these main principles of fiberglass repair:

  • Initial fabrication of components results in both chemical and physical bonding, whereas repairs only consist of physical bonds.
  • Matching the thickness, density, and ply orientation of the original laminate when possible will result in an overall stronger repair.
  • Increasing the overall surface area of our fiberglass repair will create a stronger finished product.
  • Taper or scarf sanding is the most common method employed to increase surface area.

For an in-depth description of fiberglass repair, please see The Ultimate Fiberglass Repair Guide article in our Learning Center. Shop our most popular selection of fiberglass fabrics, tapes, resins, hardeners, and fairing and filling compounds below!

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