Featured Customer: Street Bandito

        Sometimes you just have to try your best, wing it, and learn as much as you can along with the way, and that is exactly what Tim and Xavier of Street Bandito have done with their incredible YouTube channel documenting the customization of their 1970 Datsun 240z! Starting from a simple idea, Tim and Xavier were already in the business of building crazy customized cars. Xavier however had a background in photography which transitioned nicely into videography, and thus the YouTube channel "Street Bandito" was born! But back to that incredible 240z. The main objective in customizing this car was to really push the power-to-weight ratio, so it will be a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming World Time Attack and Global Time Attack Series competitions. This means Tim would have to replace all those heavy original body panels with custom made, lightweight, carbon fiber body panels. Tim truly did have to start from scratch when creating all the necessary carbon fiber body panels. But pushing things to the extreme is what Street Bandito does best.

      “Nothing is overkill when you're working on your own car!”

       In order to recreate all of the exterior body panels from carbon fiber, Tim was going to have to turn the existing body panels into a surface onto which he could mold the new carbon fiber panels from. To do this he first had to sand, clean, and prep every surface to ensure that the new panels were going to be as smooth as possible. Once the surface had been polished to a Class 'A' Finish, he then coated each panel with #1016 Partall Paste Wax and #13 PVA Release Film to ensure that he would be able to release his finished pieces from the makeshift molds.

Once the release film was completely dry Tim began applying the first layer of epoxy resin. Allowing the resin time to tack up, he then began the process of applying the layers of 3K, 2x2 Twill Weave Carbon Fiber. To ensure that the elegant twill weave orientation was the same on all body panels, Tim took painstaking efforts to always lay up each layer of carbon fiber at a 45-degree bias to keep a consistent cosmetic look in addition to maximizing the strength properties of the fabric.

       The extreme level of customization is certainly not limited to just the exterior of the 1970 Datsun 240z, extensive mechanical modifications have also been made. In addition to swapping out the original motor and transmission for a more powerful set from a 2008 Honda S2000. That additional power will be channeled through a rear differential from a Nissan 240sx S14 and down to a set of 315/17 Toyo R888's.

Housing those beefy racing tires are a custom set of carbon fiber fender flares that were meticulously molded from 2lb. Polyurethane Mix and Pour Foam and used to cast the final carbon fiber fender flares. Finally keeping the driver of this light weight street machine safe is a custom made, full weld in roll cage. Keep up the great work Tim and Xavier and be sure to tune into their YouTube channel Street Bandito for further progress with the 240z!