A safe and clean working environment is the first step to producing a successful composite laminate. Make sure to plan your project or repair accordingly, and take simple measures for safety with every project:

  • Protect yourself with gloves, goggles, respirators or a mask, and disposable clothing.
  • Prevent contamination between projects and protect equipment by keeping the work space clean.

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  • Nitrile Gloves

    Excellent for General Use
    Nitrile gloves are excellent general use gloves in a chemical or solvent environment and are an excellent...
  • Vinyl Gloves

    Heavy Duty Protection, Even Against Solvents
    3 star rating
    These heavy-duty vinyl gloves stand up to resins and solvents unlike their latex counterpart, but make a slight...
  • Flock Lined Latex Gloves

    For Extended Use with Resin and Solvents
    For some projects, standard latex and vinyl gloves just don't get the job done. These thicker, heavy-duty latex...
  • Disposable Lab Coat

    Comfortable, Safe Coverage, Easy Clean-Up
    Laminating can be a dirty job. Make sure you keep the chemicals and dust off your clothes—and away from your...
  • Disposable Body Suit

    Full-Body Protection in One Piece
    Laminating can be a dirty job. Make sure you keep the chemicals and dust off your clothes—and away from your...
  • Disposable Boot Covers and Sleeves

    Disposable Boot Covers and Sleeves
    Protective Wear In the composite world, maintaining a clean environment is crucial to ensure the quality and...
  • Wypall X80 Paper Wipes

    Industrial Strength Paper Towels
    WypAll ® X80 Paper Wipes are stronger and more absorbent than ordinary shop paper towels. Wypall &r... 
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  • Wypall Waterless Hand Wipes

    No Solvents. No Rinsing. Easy on Hands.
    Wypall ™ Waterless Hand Wipes pack a two-part punch. They feature a unique, natural formula po... 
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Remember to thoroughly review Safety Data Sheets for those products where they are available. The Safety Data Sheet, or SDS, identifies potential hazards involved with the product. It details safe handling guidelines, as well as first aid measures to follow if an accident were to occur. At FibreGlast.com, the SDS, if applicable, can be found on the "Documents" tab on individual product pages.

For more helpful information, visit our Learning Center and read, Safety in Composites and Setting Up a Composite Shop.

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