A safe and clean working environment is the first step to producing a successful composite laminate. Make sure to plan your project or repair accordingly, and take simple measures for safety with every project:

  • Protect yourself with gloves, goggles, respirators or a mask, and disposable clothing.
  • Prevent contamination between projects and protect equipment by keeping the work space clean.

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  • Plastic Drop Cloth

    Plastic Drop Cloth
    The item you didn't even know you needed! A plastic drop cloth is a versatile product in the composite...
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Remember to thoroughly review Safety Data Sheets for those products where they are available. The Safety Data Sheet, or SDS, identifies potential hazards involved with the product. It details safe handling guidelines, as well as first aid measures to follow if an accident were to occur. At FibreGlast.com, the SDS, if applicable, can be found on the "Documents" tab on individual product pages.

For more helpful information, visit our Learning Center and read, Safety in Composites and Setting Up a Composite Shop.

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