Flock Lined Latex Gloves

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  • 616-A
  • 616-A
    Large - Single Pair
  • $2.95
  • 617-A
  • 617-A
    X-Large - Single Pair
  • $2.95


For Extended Use with Resin and Solvents

For some projects, standard latex and vinyl gloves just don't get the job done. These thicker, heavy-duty latex gloves are just right for protecting hands that work continuously in resin and solvent. Gloves are tight-fitting, feature an embossed grip, and are nearly one foot long, reaching well beyond the wrist for added protection. They may be cleaned for more than one use, or simply pitched when the project is complete.


Gloves, when ordered by the pair (#616-A, #617-A) or dozen (#616-B, #617-B), will typically ship in a small box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped. Cases (#616-C, #617-C) will typically ship in a medium or large box.


Flock Lined Latex Gloves These Gloves are available in a variety of sizes that include: Single pair, size large (#616-A) One dozen pair, size large (#616-B) One case of size large, 12 dozen pair (#616-C) Single pair, size x-large (#617-A) One dozen pair, size x-large (#617-B) One case of size x-large, 12 dozen pair (#617-C)

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