Fibre Glast provides the products you need for wind turbine blade repair that will help you focus on minimizing downtime of your assets - and can help save you both time and money! We're committed to offering the latest time-saving technology by teaming up with Sunrez and Saertex to offer GE-approved UV cured fiberglass patches, putty, and resin. They use sunlight or a handheld UV light to cure the repair in minutes!

Today, global teams of wind experts are answering North America's energy needs through clean wind energy. Manufacturers continue to make wind turbine blades bigger, lighter, stronger, more durable - and more cost efficient. These huge blades displace more air, capturing more energy and making wind energy affordable.

But wind turbine blades that are designed to operate for more than twenty five years must withstand all types of weather conditions that often result in leading edge erosion and other wear and tear damage. Leading edge erosion is the single largest problem in relation to maintenance within the wind industry.

To combat this problem, high quality, fast repairs are critical to your turbines' performance.

When in-field repair specialists use Fibre Glast's composite epoxies and fabrics, turbines are back in operating condition as fast as possible.

  • Saertex 989 g/m2 (29 oz/yd2) Stitched Biaxial (+/-45)

    Reinforce Strength in Two Directions
    989 g/m 2 (29 oz/yd 2 ), 50" Wide, Stitched Biaxial This Saertex biaxial cloth is designed t... 
  • Isophthalic Polyester Resin

    Build Strength and Stability for Tough Parts
    4.9 star rating
    #90 Isophthalic Polyester is perfect for fabricating dimensionally stable polyester molds and corrosive service...
  • Econostitch® Peel Ply

    Visible Before and After Cure
    4.8 star rating
    Econostitch® is an economical, heat set and scoured peel ply with good performance when used with both polyester...
  • Low Temperature Release Film

    High Gloss Film, With or Without Perforations
    5 star rating
    Available perforated and non-perforated, our Low Temperature Release Film makes for an easy release of vacuum...
  • Stretchlon® 200 Bagging Film

    High Stretch Conforms to Nearly Any Shape
    4.8 star rating
    Stretchlon ® 200 is a thin bagging film that stretches up to 500% its original length. It's designed to... 
  • Stretchlon® 800 Bagging Film

    Suited for High-Temp Applications up to 400°F
    5 star rating
    Stretchlon ® 800 bagging film stretches up to 450% its original length. It's designed to cover multiple... 
  • Nylon Bagging Film

    Particulary Soft and Pliable, Won't Dry Out
    When stored and used properly, this Nylon Bagging Film is extremely conformable to the contours of your part, which...
  • Breather and Bleeder Cloth

    Binder-Free, Conforms Closely to Contours of Part
    4 star rating
    Within your vacuum bagging lay-up, this Breather/Bleeder drapes easily over your laminate, directly below your...
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