When a composite part needs to be reproduced numerous times, it is efficient to build a mold from which the part can be reproduced. Properly molded composite parts emerge perfectly shaped every time and require little post-finishing work. Molds are commonly made of polyester resin with a variety of reinforcements. For a quick, simple mold for one-time use, casting urethanes are an inexpensive and reliable option.

Male and female molds are the two fundamental types of forms, but they yield significantly different parts. Male (or positive) molds are generally less time consuming and less costly to create in comparison to female (or cavity) molds. However female molds offer numerous advantages for medium to large production runs.

For an in-depth description of the steps necessary to create accurate, high-quality, low-distortion molds for producing composite parts, please read the Mold Construction article in our Learning Center. Shop our favorite selection of fiberglass reinforcements, casting urethanes, epoxy and polyester resins, and tooling gel coats!

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