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  • Air Injected Wedge

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Use Air to Carefully Separate Stubborn Parts

Experienced fabricators will likely run across that hard-to-separate part, whether it's larger in nature or just stubborn—which presents a challenge for demolding. Standard wedges only reach a few inches into any mold, and using force can result in damage. Applied air pressure provides a solution.

Our #958 Air Injected Wedge is designed to deliver air all the way to the sticking point to provide pressure where it is needed most. Simply insert the wedge and attach air pressure to the inlet.

  • Heavy-duty, polypropylene wedge is 6-½" long and is designed to be chemical resistant and easy clean.
  • Blow gun body features rubber-coated trigger lever and ¼" inlet.
  • Recommended Pressure: 2–4 Bar, Max 9 Bar


This item, when ordered alone, will typically ship in a small box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped.


Air Injected Wedge This wedge is sold by the unit. *Quantity discounts are available when five or more units are purchase in one order.

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