Whether you are using a male or female mold, creating a Class 'A' finish on the mold surface is critical. Just as boats and other fiberglass structures can deteriorate over time, a porous mold surface permits water, chemicals, or other harmful agents to enter the structural laminate below. The condition of the mold surface affects three important areas of the molding process:

  • The quality of the mold's cosmetic finish will be reproduced in every part.
  • The mold surface affects the release characteristics of the mold.
  • The mold surface coat is the protective barrier to the rest of the mold.

For an in-depth description of the techniques necessary to achieve a Class 'A' mold surface finish as well as the steps required to maintain it, see the Plug Surface Preparation & Mold Surface Maintenance article in our Learning Center. Shop our complete selection of mold preparation products below!

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