Latex Gloves

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  • 3-A
  • 3-A
    Small (Box of 100)
  • $14.95
  • 10-B
  • 10-B
    Large (Box of 100)
  • $14.95


Protect Hands for Most Lamination Projects

For most lamination projects, these affordable latex gloves will last for several hours at a time. They are pre-powdered and ambidextrous for easy slide onto either hand, and offer an excellent feel for working with your parts. PLEASE NOTE: These gloves will not withstand solvents and may need to be changed during a project, depending on conditions.


Gloves, when ordered by the box (#3-A, #10-B) will typically ship in a small box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped. Cases (#3-C, #10-D) will typically ship in a medium or large box.


Latex Gloves Latex Gloves are available in a variety of sizes that include: One box of 100, size small (#3-A) One case of size small, 20 boxes of 100 (#3-C) One box of 100, size large (#10-B) One case of size large, 20 boxes of 100 (#10-D)

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