High performance composite parts require resin systems, reinforcements and surface coatings that can withstand specific temperatures and engineering requirements. These components must often be fabricated with high temperature resins and pre-impregnated (prepreg) fabrics that maximize the mechanical properties of the materials. In high temperature vacuum bagging applications, the bagging materials must also be capable of withstanding the elevated temperatures during fabrication.

Shop our complete selection of high performance products including, prepreg carbon fiber and fiberglass fabrics, aerospace grade S2-Glass, high temp infusion, lamination, and tooling epoxies, high temp epoxy surface coat, bagging films, release films, peel plies, non-silicone high temp paste wax, and temperature monitoring instruments.

  • Acetone

    Industry Standard for Dissolving Resin
    5 star rating
    Acetone is a powerful solvent, used in the composite industry as the standard for cleaning and degreasing. It will...
  • Acetone Dispenser

    The Safest Way to Keep Acetone at the Ready
    3 star rating
    Reduce spills, evaporation, and contamination. Easy-to-squeeze dispensing—Easy to identify. Our 16 oz....
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  • Latex Gloves

    Protect Hands for Most Lamination Projects
    For most lamination projects, these affordable latex gloves will last for several hours at a time. They are...
  • Nitrile Gloves

    Excellent for General Use
    Nitrile gloves are excellent general use gloves in a chemical or solvent environment and are an excellent...
  • Organic Vapor Respirator

    Stay Safe, Stay Comfortable
    With dust, fumes, vapors and other air borne contaminates are a common place in any workshop, it's important to keep...
  • Safety Glasses

    Compatible with Respirators and Most Eyeglasses
    Eye protection is an absolute necessity when working with composite materials. These lightweight, comfortable...
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  • Safety Goggles

    Impact Resistant and Ventilated for Comfort
    Composite materials can be dangerous when you're not properly protected. Vapors and splashes can cause unnecessary...
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  • Disposable Lab Coat

    Comfortable, Safe Coverage, Easy Clean-Up
    Laminating can be a dirty job. Make sure you keep the chemicals and dust off your clothes—and away from your...
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