Nearly every composite project will require some cutting, particularly in the preparation stage. Be sure to select the scissors, cutters, and fabric aids that will match the quality of the composite part you plan to produce.

  • Build efficiency into your project—Don't waste your time or money using dull or inadequate blades that can destroy reinforcement.
  • Improve cosmetics—Make precise, clean cuts every time, without grabbing and distorting the weave of your fabric and leaving messy edges.
  • Get tough when you need to—This category includes scissors and fabric aids for cutting even the toughest reinforcement, including Kevlar® reinforcement.

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  • OLFA® Rotary Circle Cutter

    Cut Perfect Circular Patterns Every Time
    The OLFA ® Rotary Circle Cutter features an easily adjustable center spike that slides to measures out ... 
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  • OLFA® Cutting Mats

    Protect Fabric from Snags — Protect your Tabletop
    Lightweight OLFA ® Cutting Mats make the ideal surface for working with fabric reinforcement. Lay them... 
  • Replacement Blades for OLFA® Rotary Cutters

    Keep Rotary Cutters in Peak Condition
    Extend the life of your OLFA ® Rotary Cutters and keep cuts clean and crisp with Replacement Blades.... 
  • The Perfect Line Tape

    Make Clean, Straight Cuts and Prevent Fraying
    4.5 star rating
    This is such a reliable way to preserve the integrity of fabric, we use it ourselves. Every roll that leaves our...
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  • Dritz® Fray Check

    Keep Fabrics from Fraying
    Prevent the fraying associated with looser weaves of fabric or cut fabric edges. Dritz ® Fray Check... 
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  • OLFA® Ruler, 6"x24"

    Easy to Read for Accurate Measurements
    Make precise, repeatable cuts with this durable OLFA ® Ruler. Rectangular shape features a one-i... 
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Do you run a busy shop with plenty of cuts to make? Try EC Cutter electric shears and make quick, accurate cuts without all the work!

Choose from quality OLFA® brand products that include rotary cutters, mat, and a ruler.

Our scissor line-up includes Featherweights, Detail Trimmers, tough Gingher ® Serrated Scissors, and heavyweight Resharpenable Scissors.

Fabric aids make any job easier: Try Perfect Line Tape or Dritz® Fray Check.

You can place your order on our website or, if you have any questions, call 1.800.838.8984 | 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST Mon-Fri.

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