When creating parts from molds—or even molds themselves—applying a release agent is an important step in the process. Mold release agents serve two basic purposes:

  • Mold releases act as a parting agent between layers of resin and the mold surface, so that cured parts can be removed without damaging the part or the mold.
  • When applied properly, mold releases help create a durable, high-gloss surface finish for finished parts.

Mold Releases help to preserve the integrity of your part and avoid damage to both the part and mold. The effort required to apply a quality release agent during preparation far outweighs the hours spent correcting damage later.

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The waxes in this category, including Partall® Paste Wax and Meguiar's Mirror Glaze®, should be wiped on using a soft, clean towel. For best results, liquid release agents, including PVA and FibRelease®, should be sprayed on using an appropriate tool, like our Preval Sprayer.

To better understand the importance of maintaining a Class-A surface finish for your mold, visit our Learning Center and read the white paper, Plug Surface Preparation and Mold Surface Maintenance.

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