Chavant Le Beau Touché Clay

5 star rating

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  • 1120-A
  • 1120-A
    2 lb. Block
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  • 1120-B
  • 1120-B
    40 lbs. (Case of 20 x 2 lb. Blocks)
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Extremely Smooth with Excellent Adhesion

This oil-based modeling clay is non-drying and can be carved and shaped easily without cracking. It features excellent adhesion with a variety of materials, including aluminum, cardboard, foam, paper, and fiberglass molding applications.

Use it for temporary fillets, construction of mold parting lines, and quick mold repairs. It readily adheres to waxed surfaces, and responds to PVA separator.


  • Sulfur-free and will not oxidize.
  • It is workable at room temperature, but can be warmed to a softer, stickier consistency simply by working the clay in hand.
  • Exceptional cohesion and adhesion properties.
  • Ideal for creating parting lines and mold repairs.
  • Low-odor, non-toxic formula makes for safer working conditions.


  • Heat clay up to 90°F to increase workability.
  • For a slightly firmer, less tacky clay for use where the working environment may exceed 90°F, consider our #1121 Chavant Le Beau Touché Clay HM (brown in color).
  • While Le Beau Touché clays can be left out in most environments and are generally stable, this original, cream-colored version is sensitive to heat variations—avoid storing and using in temperatures above 90°F


Billet (cylinder block) Size 2 lbs
Approximate Billet Dimensions 2-34" x 2-34" x 5"
Net Case Weight 40 lb. (20 x 2 lb. blocks)


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This item (#1120-A), when ordered as a single block, will typically ship in a small box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped. A case (#1120-B) will typically ship in a large box.


Chavant Le Beau Touché Clay This clay is available in two sizes: One 2 lb. block (#1120-A) One case, a 20-count of 2 lb. blocks (#1120-B).


5 star rating

Nice product for the task I had

Dec 14, 2016  |  By Jim

I needed something to fill holes in a part prior to laminating over it. I found it easy to work with at around 70 degrees F; was easy to smooth to the contour of my part with a pocket knife. It got late in the day and I was able to set the project aside for a couple of days without worry of the clay hardening; that was nice.

Great Customer Service!

Dec 6, 2015  |  By Jamie Jordan

Although I am probably Fibre Glast's smallest customer, purchasing their Chavant modeling clay from time to time, I am always treated as if I am their most important one!.

Thank you Fibre Glast!

good product

Apr 10, 2015  |  By Jennifer M

My order was shipped quick and got it just in time, I ordered some of the chavant modeling clay and it is a very good quality product!

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