Urethane Casting Resin- 60 Shore D

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  • 3460-A
  • 3460-A
    Quart Kit - 60 Shore D (Part A: 2 lbs/Part B: 0.9 lbs)
  • $179.95
  • 3460-B
  • 3460-B
    Gallon Kit - 60 Shore D (Part A: 8 lbs/Part B: 3.75 lbs)

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  • $439.95


Easy Pour for Durable Foundry Parts and Tooling

This 60 Shore D hardness Urethane Casting Resin is well suited for demanding industrial applications. Extremely tough, this urethane casting resin system exhibits very high tensile and tear strength, excellent elongation, and good abrasion resistance. Easily pour this amber, lower viscosity material in open casts and closed molds to produce incredibly durable foundry tools, patterns, or parts.

When mixed thoroughly, pour the urethane slowly to aid the release of air bubbles. When using Urethane Casting Resin – 60 Shore D kits, avoid water and all types of moisture contamination. Do not use any urethane kit with PVA Release Film, and do not mix with wooden mixing sticks or in paper mixing containers. #2333 Plastic Paint Stirrers for Urethanes are recommended. To ensure a proper release from a mold, use at least four layers of #4121 Non-Silicone High Temp Paste Wax.

#3460 Urethane Casting Resin – 60 Shore D can completely cure at room temperature, but can also be heat cured up to 165°F. Typically, full properties of this urethane casting resin develop in 7 days at room temperature (75°F). Temperatures below 75°F will lengthen the cure time, and if the ambient temperature is below 60°F, additional heat may be necessary for proper cure. Allow casting to set for 12 to 18 hours at room temperature before an oven post cure of 8 hours at 150°F to 165°F. Allow to cool before demolding.

  • Mix Ratio (by weight) – 100:44
  • Color – Amber
  • Working Time, 4 fl. Oz. mass @ 77°F – 26 minutes


The quart kit (#3460-A) will typically ship in a small box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped. Gallon kit (#3460-B) will typically ship in a medium or large box.


Urethane Casting Resin - 60 Shore D This resin is available as a two-part kit, meaning it is one product made up of two containers. It is available in a variety of sizes that include: One quart kit, 60 Shore D (#3460-A); Part A comes in a quart container, Part B in a pint container. One gallon kit, 60 Shore D (#3460-B); Part A comes in gallon container, Part B in a smaller than gallon-sized container.

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