Urethane Casting Resin- 75 Shore D

4 star rating

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  • 3475-A
  • 3475-A
    Quart Kit - 75 Shore D (Part A: 2 lbs/Part B: 2 lbs)
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  • 3475-B
  • 3475-B
    Gallon Kit - 75 Shore D (Part A: 8 lbs/Part B: 8 lbs)

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Get Superior Stiffness for Detailed Castings

For final parts and short-run castings, this white Urethane Casting Resin with 75 Shore D hardness can create detailed parts with superior cosmetic qualities. #3475 Urethane Casting Resin has a simple 1:1 mix ratio, and its low mixed viscosity makes it an ideal material to fill complicated molds. Cured castings are bright white and have great physical properties including: good tensile strength and superior stiffness in thin sections.

#3475 Urethane Casting Resin is a great material for high performance parts and castings. It can be used for the casting of prototypes to simulate molded parts or for the preproduction checking of injection molds. Common application include automobile, aircraft and marine parts and tooling. As a low viscosity material, it can be hand injected into the most detailed cavities.

When mixed thoroughly, pour the urethane slowly to aid the release of air bubbles. When using Urethane Casting Resin – 75 Shore D kits, avoid water and all types of moisture contamination. Do not use any urethane kit with PVA Release Film, and do not mix with wooden mixing sticks or in paper mixing containers. #2333 Plastic Paint Stirrers for Urethanes are recommended. To ensure a proper release from a mold, use at least four layers of #4121 Non-Silicone High Temp Paste Wax.

#3475 Urethane Casting Resin can fully cure at room temperature. Demold time for heavier section castings is 4 to 6 hours @ 77°F. Castings will develop strength sufficient for most applications in 18 to 24 hours at 77°F, and reach full cure in 7 days at room temperature. The full cure can be accelerated by oven curing after the material gels at room temperature. Oven cure at 150°F for 2-3 hours or oven cure at 120°F for 4-6 hours. Heat curing will increase the heat distortion temperature, and therefore improve the heat stability of the cured material.

  • Mix Ratio (by weight) – 100:100
  • Color – White
  • Working Time, 4 fl. Oz. mass @ 77°F – 30-40 minutes


The quart kit (#3475-A) will typically ship in a small box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped. Gallon kit (#3475-B) will typically ship in a medium or large box.


Urethane Casting Resin - 75 Shore D This resin is available as a two-part kit, meaning it is one product made up of two containers. It is available in a variety of sizes that include: One quart kit, 75 Shore D (#3475-A); Both Part A and Part B come in quart containers. One gallon kit, 75 Shore D (#3475-B); Both Part A and Part B come in gallon containers.


4 star rating

3475D urethane casting resin

Oct 31, 2018  |  By David Rogers

All in all, does as advertised. Only problem I've had was the air bubbles generated that show up in the upper layers of mixed material. Does this product need pressure to reduce gas pocket formation. Tech sheet really doesn't say much about it. I use scale to get 1 to 1 by weight mixture.
Owner Response: Hello David. This is Adam from Fibre Glast. Heat and Pressure will aid in the release of that can form in the upper layers of the resin during curing. Additionally we recommend that this resin is slowly poured into the mold to lessen the chance of air bubbles forming.

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