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Accomplish Twice the Vacuum with One Pump

When used with 12" Vacuum Tubing (#893) for vacuum bagging, this T-Fitting can be used to draw down two bags with a single pump, or to install multiple vacuum ports in a single bag. Barbed connectors are reliable and resistant to leaks.

It can also be used with 12" Spiral Tubing (#1403) to extend vacuum lines inside the bag, or be used to extend resin feed lines in a vacuum infusion application.

T-Fitting is autoclavable polypropylene, with a maximum service temperature of 200°F.

This item, when ordered alone, will typically ship in an envelope or a small box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped.
T-Fitting The T-Fitting is sold by the unit (#906-A) and by the dozen (#906-B).