6 oz Plastic Adhesive Primer

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  • 6 oz Plastic Adhesive Primer
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Sunrez Plastic Adhesive

Sunrez Plastic adhesive is a UV curable adhesive to promote adhesion to acrylic, OVC, ABS, and other thermoplastics as well as epoxy and polyester composites and several metals. It does not contact any VOCs or HAPs. Sunrez Plastic adhesive cures in the safer UVA range of 365-410nm, such as those found in natural sunlight and the 835-A UV LED light kit.

Full cure will take place in 1-4 minutes when exposed to proper UVA light intensity. Ambient Temperatures of 0-120°F have little effect on the cure time or physical properties. This system will reach 99%+state of cure in under 5 minutes with no high temperature post cure required to reach peak mechanical and thermal properties.


The 6oz tube will typically ship in a small box. Where possible we will combine ordered items to help reduce the number of boxes shipped.


Sunrez UV Plastic Adhesive is sold in 6oz tubes for easy dispensing.

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