MM Sunrez 7339 Blend

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    MM Sunrez 7339 VE Blend Gallon
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    MM Sunrez 7339 VE Blend 5 gallon Pail
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Sunrez MM7339 VE Blend

Sunrez MM7339 is a general purpose, high solids, no HAP's impact modified polyester/vinyl ester resin developed to help customers comply with air quality emission standards. This resin system generates less than 1% VOCs.

Full cure of Sunrez MM7339 will take place in 2-5 minutes when exposed to midday sunshine or sufficient LED light intensity. Ambient temperatures of 0-120°F, have little effect on the cure time or physical properties of this light cured resin.


The gallons and 5 gallon pails can be shipped via standard ground or expedited without additional hazard charges.


The resin is conveniently available in gallons and 5 gallon pails to suit the project size you need.

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