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  • Stitched Fiberglass Sample Pack
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Touch and See Differences in Direction, Weight

This convenient Sample Pack contains a 4" x 6" swatch of all of our stitched fiberglass fabrics. It is ideal for determining which material you would like to try for your application. Plus, each sample pack includes a coupon for $25 off your next order of $100 or more when purchased within 60 days!

*This sample pack contains 4 total swatches.

Contains samples of:

#2903 955 g/m2 (28 oz/yd2) Stitched Unidirectional, 50"

#2806 444 g/m2 (12.5 oz/yd2) Stitched Biaxial (+/-45), 50"

#2902 989 g/m2 (29 oz/yd2) Stitched Biaxial (+/45), 50"

#2808 1200 g/m2 (36 oz/yd2) Stitched Triaxial, 50"


This item, when ordered alone, will typically ship in an envelope. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped.


Stitched Fiberglass Sample Pack This sample pack is sold by the unit.

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