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  • 2215-A
  • Small Regulator / Filter
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Control Air Pressure and Keep Moisture Out

This compact Regulator/Filter is designed to filter your air and keep debris and liquids from getting inside your equipment. Additionally, it permits you to dial in and maintain the correct air pressure.

Install the Regulator/Filter in-line, close to your air source—between the air source and any of the following: #2229-A or #1148-A Vacuum Generators, #1171-A Chopper Gun, or any of the Gel Coat Spray Guns (#120-A, #123-A, #126-A). The Regulator/Filter includes a polycarbonate cup to catch liquid and debris that could cause potential damage.

  • Female thread size: 14"
  • Maximum pressure: 150 psi
  • Compact size suited for smaller workshops.

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Small Regulator / Filter This item is sold by the unit.

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